Glasstress is an event conceived and organized by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl, which is therefore the legal entity responsible for the management of the personal information collected through the site of the event itself (

Pursuant to Article 13 of Law Number 196 of 30 June 2003 on the protection of personal data, this information note has been prepared by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl, based in Murano Venice at Fondamenta  Vetrai 109/a (Italy), in its capacity as the organizer and manager of the Glasstress event in order to describe the procedures to be used for managing the website as regards the treatment of the personal data provided by those individuals who visit the site and/or use its Services (hereinafter “Users”).


Registration with Glasstress ( In some sections of Glasstress (, or rather, upon utilizing its Services, the User may register with the site to qualify for a range of exclusive benefits reserved to its registered Users.

The mailing list will be managed by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl and will be used to send newsletters and other periodic communications (catalogue pre-order)  via e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the User, through which initiatives promoted by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl will be made known to Users registered with Glasstress (www.

Upon registering with Glasstress (, the User will be asked to provide personal data, some of which – expressly identified as such on each occasion– will be mandatory and necessary to complete the registration (e.g., the e-mail address at which the newsletter is to be received). At his/her discretion, the User may or may not be provide other data, and the non-provision of this data will not be prejudicial in any way to registering on the Glasstress site (, but may make it impossible for the User to participate in a number of initiatives, or however may permit only a partial use of the services.


Data storage and access In its capacity as the party responsible for the use of the personal data, Berengo Studio 1989 Srl – acting directly or through those parties indicated on the Site as being responsible – may store the Users’ personal data on the servers located at and may carry out any other processing operations that may be performed by the authorized staff – of the owner and of the responsible party – which has been assigned this function, or by authorized external staff during maintenance operations.

The database is accessible only to authorized individuals who will use those procedures that will protect the data and ensure its confidentiality through the adoption of appropriate security measures so as to prevent the loss, misuse, or improper and unauthorized access of the data.

Specific guidelines and instructions relating to the use of the data will be given to each authorized party, which those parties will be obliged to respect in order to avoid any disciplinary and/or legal actions.

The data will be stored for the length of time necessary to carry out the processing operations related to each User’s data, according to each User’s choices, preferences, and instructions.


Berengo Studio 1989 Srl will utilize the Users’ data in accordance with the choices freely exercised by and with the informed consent of the User at the time of or subsequent to the collection of the data. Some data may be used without requiring the User’s consent – under Article 24 of the Privacy Code – to fulfill a specific request from the User and within the bounds of the request itself. For example, the User’s e-mail address may be used if the User him/herself has sent a request for information using the appropriate online forms or modules.

In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code, Article 587, paragraph 2 of Law no. 206 of 6 September 2005 and Article 19a of Decree Law no. 273 of 30 December 2005, as amended in the conversion, and until instructions are received from the User to the contrary, distance communication techniques may be utilized for the Users’ data to permit the sending of personal communications regarding advertising materials as well as the carrying out of additional activities, market research or business communication.

Processing operations subject to the consent, communication and dissemination of data Only with the User’s express authorization may Berengo Studio 1989 Srl utilize his/her data for the specific activities listed in the preceding paragraph with the aid of automated tools without the intervention of an operator and/or for other purposes and authorized by the User on each individual occasion. Similarly, only with the User’s express consent may Berengo Studio 1989 Srl share or disclose the User’s information to its trading partners – expressly indicated or listed for each individual occasion on the site – so they, as the responsible parties, with the same authority of the use terms and limits as specified to Berengo Studio 1989 Srl, may proceed with a separate use. The User data may never be disclosed unless made available voluntarily by the User in any of the publicly accessible areas of the Site. Berengo Studio 1989 Srl encourages Users not to furnish personal data in the Site’s publicly accessible areas and reserves the right to delete such data or make it anonymous if the data may be considered sensitive, as defined in Article 4, paragraph 1 letter d) of the Privacy Code. Finally, the data may be reported to public authorities upon presentation of a legitimate order by the same authorities.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Privacy Code, Berengo Studio 1989 Srl will grant the User the right to change at any time his/her preferences regarding the use of his/her own personal data and to obtain confirmation of the existence of such data, as well as to be acquainted with the provenance, content, scope and methods of use, to request updating, rectification, integration, or to claim cancellation or blocking of such use in violation of the law.

The User, however, will have the right to refuse the use of his/her personal data as well as to request at any time the termination of its use for purposes of market research, advertising materials, and business communications.

The rights just now listed above may be exercised by writing to Berengo Studio 1989 Srl at the following address:



Berengo Studio 1989 Srl aware that the Site and the Services may be of interest to minors. Berengo Studio 1989 Srl encourages parents to monitor the use of the Internet by their children, for a safe and filtered enjoyment of its contents, including the use of parental control tools. In addition to ensuring an online environment that is suitable for minors, these tools can prevent the disclosure of personal information by children or teenagers who do not have the consent of their parents.

Registration on the Web site is permitted only to adult Users or those individuals who are at least 14 years of age.

On the provision of certain services, Berengo Studio 1989 Srl does not require Users to disclose their age and/or is not in a position to know the age of the Users. Berengo Studio 1989 Srl therefore requests all Users who are under 18 years of age not to communicate under any circumstances their personal information without the permission of a parent.


Banner and other advertisements and/or listings by third parties, advertisers or business partners of Berengo Studio 1989 Srl that offer Services may be sent within the Site and/or through other messages and/or communications to the User by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl.

Berengo Studio 1989 Srl informs Users that, by accepting the offers of the third parties mentioned, the User may purchase goods or services and have access to multimedia pages that are solely owned by these third parties and which are beyond the control of Berengo Studio 1989 Srl and are in no way bound by the provisions in this policy.

Berengo Studio 1989 Srl, therefore, invites Users to provide their data to such third parties only with suitable guarantees of confidentiality and be very careful before accepting the services they offer, and to which Berengo Studio 1989 Srl will be unable to exercise any control, nor will it be involved or responsible in any other way.


Notwithstanding, in any case, that Berengo Studio 1989 Srl will not proceed with any use other than that specifically authorized and/or requested by each User, this information may be subject to amendments carried out to comply with new laws or changing policies regarding the use of the data by Berengo Studio 1989 Srl.

Each updated version of this information will be available on the website in a dedicated section: Berengo Studio 1989 Srl therefore requests all Users to check the site regularly so as to be always informed of the latest version available online.

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