Zak Timan


Zak Timan was born in 1985 in Arizona and lives and works in Richmond, California. He is a glassblower and sculptor who seeks to present a moment of potential energy that is frozen in time, yet brimming with aliveness.

In 2010, he received a BFA in glass sculpture from the California College of the Arts in Valencia. He has also practiced extensively with spiritual teacher, Dharmabodhi Sarasvati, whose influence has had a significant impact on his practice. He makes “floating sculptures” by suspending buoyant materials and objects within transparent, oil-filled glass containers. Inspired by the dynamic mobiles of Alexander Calder, his work seeks to capture the moments prior to movement, full of potential of energy. He has exhibited throughout the US and in Europe including at Glasstress (2013), Venice.

Rhapsody in Red, 2013

Oil, glass, air

130 x 57 x 13 (with frame)

Glasstress 2013

Zak Timan - Rhapsody in Red
Zak Timan - Rhapsody in Red