Stuart Haygarth


Stuart Haygarth was born in 1966 in Lancashire, United Kingdom, and lives and works in London. He is an artist and designer who is best known for his assemblages of unusual objects to create visually striking sculptures, installations and chandeliers that address themes of modernity, time, waste, and abandonment.

In 1998, he received a BA in Graphic Design and Photography from Exeter College of Art and Design. His work blurs the boundaries between art and design, often using overlooked or discarded everyday objects and breathing new life into them to create stunning sculptural ensembles. Originally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, he worked for such firms as Sony, Porsche, Penguin Books and the British Broadcasting Cooperation before dedicating himself to his own design practice in 2004. Pieces of significance include Millennium (2005), which is composed of exactly 1000 exploded party poppers collected the morning after the Millennium and transformed into an elegant light fitting; Urchin (2009), a sculptural light piece that uses hundreds of spectacle arms; and Optical (2013), which uses approximately 80,000 clear spectacle lenses to create a massive luminous sphere resembling a disco ball. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions at prestigious institutions including at: the Museum of Arts and Design (2009), New York; Design Museum London (2011); Haunch of Venison Gallery (2009, 2012), London; London Design Festival (2010, 2013); Design Basel Miami (2013); Glasstress (2013), Venice; Carpenters Workshop Gallery (2013, 2014), Paris; and The Wellcome Trust (2015), London. From 1995 to 2005 he was a visiting lecturer of Photography at Plymouth University. He has been shortlisted for the Bombay Sapphire Glass Prize (2007) and Rosemount Taste Award (2007); received “Best Breakthrough Designer” award (2007), Wallpaper Magazine; the New Designer Award (2007), British Design Awards; Best Design Award for Optical (2008), Elle Décor and the Jerwood Contemporary Makers Award (2009).

Glass House, 2013

Mirror glass with toughened glass laminate, powder coated bright mild steel

220 x 210 x 204 cm

Glasstress 2013

Stuart Haygarth - Glass House
Stuart Haygarth - Glass House