Leonardo Cimolin


Leonardo Cimolin was born in 1971 in Dolo, Italy, and lives and works in Mira, Venice. His specialty is lamp work for which, over the years, he has received various commissions.

He encountered the world of glass more than two decades ago when he began working for a furnace in Venice. His work frequently combines different materials including glass, cloth, wood and iron. He is fascinated by the use of color and multiple glass forms, which he uses to define his sculptures. These two means are used by the artist as symbols of contemporary and everyday life becoming the protagonists of his creations. Critic Boris Brollo writes: “Without the precedent of popular art (Pop Art) there would not be this art of Leonardo Cimolin. And not because of the neo-realistic style of his glass sculptures that are based on actual items like spaghetti or jellyfish, but for their everyday quality that borders on being useless if not for pleasure.” In Venice crack, a work created using the technique of lost-wax casting, he creates a segment of the facade of Ca’ d’Oro, a magnificent fifteenth-century palace that overlooks the Grand Canal. By using lost-wax, which leaves irregular marks on the surface, the artist conveys importance of taking care of the environment surrounding us especially of a delicate ecosystem such as the Venetian lagoon; the shades of aquamarine he uses recall the Venetian canals and basins. His works have been presented in numerous fairs including: Sofa Chicago Art Fair in Cologne, International Art Fair and the Red Dot Fair, both in Miami. He participated in the show “Car – un nuovo paesaggio” a Riccardo Benassi Project (2011); in Glastress Gotika at Fondazione Berengo (2015), Venice; in the exhibition Glassfever (2016), Dordrecht; and in “Murano Today”, Murano Glass Museum (2016).

Fragility and Strength of Faith, 2015

Glass, nails

180 x 150 x 25 cm

Glasstress 2015, Glasstress Ptuj Slovenija

Leonardo Cimolin - Fragility and Strenght of Faith
Leonardo Cimolin - Fragility and Strenght of Faith