yuichi higashionna

Yuichi Higashionna was born in 1951 in Tokyo, where he still lives. His works – mainly environmental installations are characterized by the use of neon lights, paintings inspired by spray-painted graffiti, and fluorescent-striped wallpaper, reminiscent of the aesthetics of Op Art. In his creations, he incorporates “fanshii” objects – from the English word “fancy” – or rather, “from everyday life”, yet which are strange and disturbing at the same time. The aesthetics of the "Japanese fluorescent culture” – the widespread mix of the campy and unusual during the post-war period of openness towards Western aesthetic values – are a central element of his artistic research.

His works have been exhibited at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (2007), the Shanghai Art Museum, the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, and the Hayward Gallery in London (2010).  He won first prize at the Bombay Sapphire Exhibition in Milan (2008).  In 2004 he showed at the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy and, in 2006, he participated in the Busan Biennial-Sea Art Festival.

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