Whitney McVeigh

Whitney McVeigh is an American artist who lives and works in London. Her work explores the physical and psychological elements of the human condition. As a result, McVeigh has travelled extensively to carry out her practice and has held residencies in India, Mexico, Beijing and more recently in South Africa. Concerned with reinvention, her work often uses found objects, including books in her work and also creates large monotypes embodying a sense of time, development and imprint. Most recently McVeigh has employed the use of video during a trip to Syria to create Sight and Memory (2009) and in 2012 she visited Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia with the BBC to make a short film about artists. The artist has taken part in international exhibitions such as David Krut Projects, Johannesburg and Archaeology of Memory at Nirox Projects, Johannesburg and has worked in residency at NY Arts in their Beijing space.

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