sandro sergi

(Venice, Italy 1922 – Lido di Venezia, Italy 1998) A versatile artist, he produced drawings, paintings, mosaics, and wooden, concrete, and glass sculptures. He was also the architect Carlo Scarpa’s assistant at the Istituto Veneto del Lavoro. Considered part of the Venetian Spatialism movement, he met such international artists as Bloc, Matta, Fontana, Spaulding, and Falkestein through the art critic Morucchio. In 1961, he won the first prize in landscape at the Premio Internazionale Giorgione - Poussin, Castelfranco, Italy. In the 1960s, he began to express his artistic identity with his very personal “extra-formal” art, based on his philosophical and spiritual view of the wold. In the 1970s, he participated in the Fucina degli Angeli. He was a poet, concerned with the interrelation between the micro- and the macro-cosmos. He held several group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


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