rene rietmeyer

(‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 1957. He lives and works in Miami, USA, and The Netherlands)

After completing his degree in Psychology in Austria, he moved to Greece and founded a private art academy. Since 1994, he has traveled and lived in several countries, concentrating on his creativity. After a figurative phase, in 1997 he developed the sculptural series Boxes, based on three-dimensional objects, most often painted on five sides, which he displays on the wall or on the floor in multi-part, variable installations. Although he works with various materials, such as concrete, metal, glass, silicone, and glue, he prefers oil paint and believes no work of art can be completely depersonalized and objectively emotionless. Though inspired by minimal art and new abstraction, the Boxes  thus present variations in the formal abstract elements—color, shape, composition, surface structure, and material—attempting to making visible the subjectively felt effect of cities and landscapes. In 2002 he started the project Personal Structures Time - Space - Existence to discuss these topics with other artists, such as Kosuth, Opalka, and Weiner. Since 1996 his work has been shown in several museums and galleries in Europe, Japan, and North America.


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