raimund kummer

(Mengeringhausen, Germany 1954. He lives and works in Germany) Sculptor and photographer, his artistic career began more than thirty years ago with his commitment to the debate on the conditions under which artists produce and exhibit their works. He was a pioneer in claiming new places for a new art, as evidenced by the 1978–1979 photo work Skulpturen in der Strasse. As advocated by the Buro Berlin in 1980, any location can be a venue for a work of art. After working with sculpture he turned to photography, employing the photographic medium to appropriate spatial situations and integrate them into his artistic repertoire. In the middle of the 1980s, he developed an interest in three-dimensional images, the phase of his photo sculptures, which evolved into actual installations. The photographic medium constantly interacts with his sculptures and installations, as a work tool, visual scribble, experimental field, image archive, and key source of creativity. The sculpture is compounded by its surroundings, and photography is transformed into an object. The space we actually see becomes itself a sculpture. Seeing and perceiving are the main focus of his study, in which the appeal to the five senses plays a great role and is at the core of Kummer’s art.

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