Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams was born in 1973, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, Pharrell Williams has made history by being one of the most successful and prolific entertainers to emerge during the last decade. In the last few years, Williams has moved seamlessly from dominating the charts to the world of fashion and design. He has designed a series of sunglasses and jewelry for Louis Vuitton, launched the Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, and the Ice Cream shoe collection. In collaboration with the French furniture makers Domeau & Peres, Pharrell has designed a collection of chairs called “Perspective” which debuted at the prestigious Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie in Paris. Williams and Tokyo-born artist Takashi Murakami created the artwork entitled ”Simple Things”, kicking off the official opening of the 2009 Art Basel in Switzerland. Williams has also recently partnered with the company Bionic Yarn, a textile firm based in New York dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable fabrics using recycled plastic bottles. He has initialed a partnership with designer Chad Oppenheim. Together, they have recently released the concept designs for The Pharrell Williams Resource Center (PWRC) in the Virginia Beach area.

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