Noble & Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are best known for their shadow/silhouette sculptures of their own profiles. The duo’s work often draws on discarded objects to create sculptural works that take on an unsuspecting form when light is projected onto them. Works of importance include The New Barbarians 1997-1999 and Untitled (Spinning Heads), 2005. They had a critically acclaimed exhibition at the Freud Museum, London in 2006. Their 35 foot tall Electric Fountain, constructed from steel, neon tubing and 3,390 LED bulbs, was exhibited at Rockefeller Plaza, New York in 2008. They participated in Distortion (2009), a Collateral project of the 53rd Venice Biennale and their critically acclaimed 2012 solo exhibition at Blain Southern, London was entitled Nihilistic Optimistic.

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