Nabil Nahas

Nabil Nahas was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1949.  He currently lives and works in both New York and the city of his birth. Owing to his training and education – partly in Lebanon and Egypt and partly in America – from the very beginning, with his painting, Nahas has drawn upon various aesthetic traditions, combining Western abstraction with the rich colors and shapes typical of an oriental cultural aesthetic. Since 2000, Nahas has reconnected with the Egypt and Lebanon of his childhood through depictions of very tall cedar, olive, and palm trees, defined by the artist as "Landscapes".  His most recent works, however, are distinguished by a layering of acrylic paint, starfish, and pumice powder that, collectively, create a natural, but not illustrative, texture that is very similar to the Mediterranean seabed. His works have been exhibited in important galleries and museums, including most recently at the XXV São Paulo Biennial (2002); the Galerie Tanit, Munich (2009), with Nabil Nahas: untitled (trees); and the Stux Gallery, New York (2010), BARAKAT: The GiftContemporary Art from the Middle East and Africa. Nahas's works are exhibited in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia, and the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar.

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