Mat Chivers

Mat Chivers is a British artist utilising the mediums of sculpture, installation and drawing to discuss the underlying transversing nature of events and phenomena. He combines traditional approaches to making such as carving, with new technologies such as rapid-prototyping, revealing the many usually obscured layers to the process. Chivers has had solo exhibitions across the UK and has taken part in group shows across Europe, including Eleventh Plateau 2, Archaeological Society, Athens Biennial, Greece and The Knowledge, at the Gervasuti Foundation, to coincide with the 54th Venice Biennale.  In 2012 Chivers was commissioned by the National Trust to create an artwork in response to Purbeck Bay, UK: an area of significant ecological interest. The resulting evocative film ‘Overlay’ is a montage of woven images and scenes referencing how the coastline was formed millions of years ago.

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