marya kazoun

(Beirut, Lebanon, 1976. She lives and works in New York,

and Venice, Italy) Marya Kazoun grew up in Beirut during the war years. In 1984 her family fled the war the first time by moving to Switzerland. Later she lived in Montreal with her family where she became Canadian. She later returned to Beirut and completed degrees in Interior architecture and Fine Arts at Lebanese American University. In 2001 she moved to NY and completed an MFA in fine arts at the School of Visual Arts. Her works are mainly installations and performances, she uses 3D low relieves, painting, drawing and photo as support for her installation pieces. Her art is a personal perception of reality. She creates worlds that are parallel to the one we live in. She explores the micro vs the macro, the extremely beauty vs extremely repulsive. She gives a voice to herself at 5 years old. Her art is an attempt to domesticate the dark. She uses very common materials like tissue, fabric etc… and transforms them and gives them another life. Her approach to art is strongly feminine emphasized by her dexterity with materials and mastery of ancestral techniques like sewing and weaving. She took part in the 51st Venice Biennial in 2005 with a solo show ‘Personal Living Space’.



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