marie louise ekman

(Stockholm, Sweden 1944. She lives and works in Stockholm)

Painter, set designer, and filmmaker, she started her career in 1967 and today is one of the best-known Scandinavian artists. In her several exhibitions both at home and abroad (e.g., Kulturhuset, Malmo Art Museum, in Stockholm, Musée d’Art Contemporaine et Moderne in Geneva), she displayed works whose witty and satirical quality reflect her interest in the description of human behavior and contemporary society. She uses various materials (glass, wax, waste materials, cloth, oil paint, and gouache) and successfully reclaims traditional women’s handicrafts, such as weaving and ceramics. Through an unconventional treatment of themes relating to female inner life, she analyzes the difference between sexes and describes the role of women in contemporary culture and society. She is at the head of the Royal College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.


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