Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram, an English artist and researcher, was born in Stroud in 1974 and currently lives and works in Bristol. He graduated with honors in Fine Arts at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff in 1997. Thanks to his craftsmanship and his interest in experimentation, Jerram was able to establish himself immediately, first on the English stage and then worldwide. He is appreciated for the peculiarity of his glass creations, the subject of which are viruses and bacteria, designs that Jerram has called “Glass Microbiology.”

The artist’s interest in microbiology has led him to investigate human perception and its limits, the contrast between the beauty of art works themselves and what they represent for people. The artist pays great attention to sensations and perceptions as he himself suffers from a visual deficit that prevents him from recognizing colors. He is very popular in the United States, and his works have been exhibited in such major American museums as MoMA and the Museum of American Glass. Through a series of science-like activities, he has received several honors, including the 2007 Medical Imaging Institute Award, the 2010 Rakow Award, and a fellowship at The Museum of Glass in Washington in 2011.

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