lawrence carroll

(Melbourne, Australia in 1954. He lives and works in Los Angeles and Venice, Italy)

Although he considers himself a painter, most of his art present sculptural elements, in a minimalist approach influenced by Rothko and Rauschenberg. His works are based on materials already employed for some other purpose, and the signs of this use are still visible: his slow working process transforms them into highly personal works, while losing nothing of this previous life. His paint, subdued yet warm, respects the original coloring and points up the form, the new wax skin allows the earlier lives of wood and canvas to show through. Carroll is similar to Giorgio Morandi in his interest for the essential complexity of modest everyday objects. His art requires time, both in the creative act and in the moment of fruition. It takes time before the stratifications of the coats of paint achieve their final non-color. All the same, the observer’s eye needs a while before it can read through the sedimentation. In so doing, Carroll attempts to stand up to the superficiality and frenzy of our age. He participated in Documenta 9, Kassel, and held a solo show in the Correr Museum, Venice, in 2007.


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