Kris Martin

Kris Martin is based in Ghent, Belgium. One of his best-known pieces, Vase from 2005, involves smashing a replica Ming vase and then gluing the whole thing back together each time it is exhibited in an ongoing act of quick destruction and painstaking restoration. Whether by marking its passing or transcending the present Kris Martin’s practice questions the notion of time and our desire to comprehend it. His diverse use of the readymade from the antique relic to the highly engineered or more ephemeral and immaterial interventions provoke a space of uncertainty, enquiry and existential reasoning. Martin’s solo exhibitions include The Magnificent Seven, CCA Watts, San Francisco (2011), Aspen Art Museum, Aspen (2009) Marc Foxx, Los Angeles (2008), P.S.1, MoMA, New York (2007)

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