koen vanmechelen

(Sint-Truiden, Belgium 1965. He lives and works at Meeuwen, Belgium) His works range from highly expressive paintings and drawings to photography, video, installations, works in glass, and a recurring wooden sculpture, all dealing with the theme of the chicken and the egg. These important symbols connect Koen’s art to scientific, political, philosophical, and ethical issues, the subject of debates and lectures. His work can be defined by three main categories: The Cosmogolem, a powerful, wooden sculpture adopted around the world as a symbol for children’s rights. Golem, the principle of man as creator, was the starting point of all his work and still is an important pillar for him; The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP), the core of his extensive breeding program with chicken breeds from all over the world, meant to merge into a new species, a universal chicken or Superbastard; and Medusa, where art meets science, the scientific part that used to be called The Walking Egg and can be considered the think tank behind the CCP. “Cross-breeding is the only thing,” says Vanmechelen: “We need to cross-breed across boundaries if we want the world not to perish. We need to think cosmopolitical. Nothing is as beautiful as joining with other cultures and taking energy from this.” He has held conferences all over the world and participated in the most important events of contemporary art.


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