hye rim lee

(Seoul, Korea 1963. She lives and works in New York, USA,

and Auckland, New Zealand)

Hye Rim Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. In 1993 she moved to New Zealand, where she graduated in Inter-media studies at Auckland University. Working with 3D-animation technology, she investigates and questions computer gaming and cyber culture and the role of art in the crossing of high technology with popular culture. Her work is initially rooted in the challenges facing the Asian community settled in New Zealand, but in 2002 she began her ongoing TOKI/Cyborg Project, in which she explores the representation of a female character, TOKI, thus examining the way fictional animated identities are propagated in contemporary popular culture. Speaking of the manipulation and perception of female sexual identity worldwide, she challenges the conventions of the traditionally male-dominated worlds of game structure and 3D animation, specifically when it comes to virtualized images of women. She has participated in major exhibitions in New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and New York.


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