Erin Dickson & Jeffrey Sarmiento

Dickson and Sarmiento share a fascination with cultural and emotional connections to architecture. Based in north east England, both artists explore their experience of space from individual perspectives. Sarmiento takes the point of view of a Filipino-American immigrant living abroad, while Dickson reinterprets the concept of ‘home’ through the phenomenology of buildings. In Emotional Leak, the artists have produced the physical manifestation of a slowly leaking roof. Inspired by water and realised in glass, the resulting form is a tall black monolithic sculpture, resembling a digital gothic architectural model.
Dickson graduated from the Architectural Association in London, and is currently completing a PhD combining architectural phenomenology, technology and glass. Educated at Rhode Island School of Design, Sarmiento has worked internationally, having won a Fulbright scholarship to Denmark, and a Research Councils UK Academic Fellowship at the University of Sunderland, where he is Reader in Glass. Dickson and Sarmiento have individually and collectively exhibited worldwide and are included in major museum collections.

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