Bart Dorsa

Bart Dorsa is an American artist born in San Jose, California, working in Moscow.  For Gotika, Dorsa develops his ongoing Crossroads project, part of which was presented at the 55th Venice biennale: Relic Glass #1 and #2 immediately evoke the dark chamber housing the “relics of Saint Katia”, as noted by le Monde’s Philippe Dagen.
The fragmented body sculptures present the epitome of femininity. Their ragged outlines, suggestive of female martyrs - for glass is born out of fire. During the research for the show, Dorsa rediscovered the statue of Jeanne d’Arc in the southern transept of Notre-Dame de Paris. Categorically, the central female symbol of Dorsa's work has its place in the sanctuary of the new gothic ideal.  Crystal clear and filled with light, the sculpture is devoid of corporality, despite its meticulously accurate representation of the body. Here the process of crystallization, both literally and metaphorically (as defined by Stendhal) is in action.  The object of representation is idealized, the multiplicity of its features are reduced to expose the essence, so that it becomes a symbol.


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