barbara bloom

(Los Angeles, 1951. She lives and works in New York)

She is a designer, an installation artist, and a photographer.

Once she completed her studies at the California Institute of the Arts, she moved for many years to Amsterdam and Berlin. Known

for her meticulously crafted works, precisely detailed and flawlessly executed, Bloom focused her research on the relationships between objects and images and the meanings implicit in their placement and combination. In her artwork, beauty is a premise for investigating illusion, fragility, and transience to expose the subliminal ideologies of modern visual culture. Her witty and elegant installations combine objects that she has collected in her vast archives with manufactured ones, and challenges conventional perceptions with wry commentaries on the shifting notions of value and the practice of collecting, the desire for possession. Moreover, she examines the concept of the artist as an eccentric, narcissistic collector and curator of her own history, producing works of great visual glamour.


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