andrea salvador

Andrea Salvador was born in Udine in 1964. He is know for his hyper-realistic mosaics, where his creative approach to the material is not that of a craftsman but rather that of an attentive scholar, of an impassioned researcher. Every detail is treated as a distinctive and fundamental element. The hyper-realistic pictures are undoubtedly part of our contemporary life style and have been created by using a mosaic technique that evokes a link with the most intense expressionism of our country’s historical works of art. The size of Salvador’s mosaics tend to make you stop or slow down and alternately contemplate with curiosity the technical approach. The actions described by Andrea Salvador do not belong to the indelible moments or of a day in one’s life but of those moments destined to be forgotten or ignored that are part of everyday routine. The enormous fragmentation, similar to the digital pixilation, is transformed into a unique conceptual specimen, which conveys an impulse to touch. Before opening his own craft studio, he worked together with a number of Friulian mosaicists as well as at the Poli firm in Verona specialized in sacred art and producing stained-glass windows and mosaics. Salvador has participated in a number of exhibitions and, for the Jubilee,  exhibited a series of icons in enamel, gold and copper in Aquileia.

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